The Story of Swofford
Swofford Has Two More Freshmen Victims
Many years ago, Dr. Frank Adams, an alumnus of Mt. Berry School for
Boys (1954) and an alumnus of Berry College (1958), wrote a story about
his experience as part of a Varsity Club initiation at the high school -- the
annual trek to Swofford Cabin, which was located on Lavendar Mountain.

Actually, in reality Mr. Swofford was a stone mason who worked most likely
not only on the stone buildings on the high school campus but also on the
Ford buildings as well. The  horrific story of his son going crazy and killing
his whole family was probably a fabrication by some guy with a great
imagination. Dr. Adams felt the original story was too gruesome, so he
changed it to contain more human interest. He had hoped that it might be
published by a specialized magazine such as
Georgia Back Roads.
Consequently, he had to change the name of the school to Berrington
Academy and the name of Swofford to Swanson.

It was not published, but he would like to make it available to all high
school alumni. If you are interested, he can send it to you as an
attachment on an e-mail or mail it to you by regular mail. You can contact
him by e-mailing him at or by calling him at
706-238-8223. Moreover, if you would like to share your own  experience
at Swofford Cabin, he would be glad to have you write it down and send it
to him by e-mail or regular mail (25 Scenic Trace Dr. NW,  Rome, Ga.
30165). He would like to collect all of these remembrances and present
them to the Berry Breakfast Club and to all high school alumni as a printed